Self-Awareness Changed My Life. Will It Do The Same For You?

7 Aspects of My life That Improved Due To Self-Awareness

Edem Afflu 🌍
9 min readApr 3, 2020


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I was going to start with a “Happy Thursday!” greeting but, that isn’t appropriate considering the way things are going. So a simple hey y’all will have to work for now.

So, hey, y’all…

Never in a million years did I believe a pandemic could or would disrupt life like this. I am someone who shudders at the thought of history(anything pre-1991) I’m serious. But, I should have paid a little closer attention in high school, I probably wouldn’t be surprised then. Knowing that history repeats itself, what happened in 1918 can and would happen again somehow some way. Rest in peace to those who are gone. My heart goes out to the nurses putting their lives on the lines because they have to and choose to along with I’m thankful for the grocery store workers and all the other essential workers.

As I’m typing this I’m hearing sirens. I don’t want to turn on the news.

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*heavy sigh*

How are you feeling? What has been keeping you sane throughout this process? By process I mean self-isolation. Last week I was using art as a coping mechanism, this week — I hit a roadblock fixing my computer. The tools I need are still en route so, school, along with working on myself is keeping me busy. Striving to be a better person than I was yesterday, is the driving force in my life. For a long time, I was lost, like most of us are. Some, stay lost for longer than others and some stay lost permanently. What do I mean when I say lost? I mean drifting through life, sort of wandering and wondering while not knowing what you want to do, but, knowing what you think you want to do. Not sure if that makes any sense. For me it used to look like this, I’d have lots of dreams mixed with high ambition but with no concrete solid plan on how to achieve them. So when things got tough I’d give up. Then, something happened in 2017 that changed things for me. If you have been reading my stories for a while you know you’ll have to read to the end to find out



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